Amended statute of CAN endorsed

A special general assembly of the Cricket Association of Nepal today has endorsed its amended statute.
As per the directive of the International Cricket Council, the assembly endorsed the statute, which now gives voting rights to 17 members from the old executive committee and seven from the National Sports Council. Likewise, as per the new statute, one has to fulfil procedures from the lowest level in order to become a candidate in the executive committee
The assembly was held in presence of ICC representative Amar Sheikh.
This will now be followed by formation of a monitoring committee to hold elections of CAN. The committee will hold elections for a new executive committee of the Association.
The endorsement of the new statute will pave the way for development of the sport of cricket in the country, while also setting the ground for lifting of the ICC suspension of CAN membership, said CAN erstwhile Chair Chatur Bahadur Chand.
Chand had been elected the Chair of the CAN in Mangsir 2072. But incumbent CAN Chair Tanka Angbuhang filed a complaint at the NSC, which in turn dissolved the newly elected committee citing, irregularities in the election. It then set up an ad hoc committee led by Ramesh Silwal. Following this, the ICC suspended CAN in Baisaikh, 2073 citing government intervention.

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